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CBSE ASL Speaking Topic “Discussion on the topic of ‘evils of drinking’ among certain friends”.

Discussion on the topic of ‘evils of drinking’ among certain friends.

Conversation on the Topic “Evils of Drinking” for Class 9, 10, 11, and 12 Students.

Sita: All our religious books have condemned the evils of drinking. According to ‘Mahabharata’ drunkards behave like madmen.

Sultana: Even our Prophet Mohammed condemned the use of liquor. He forbade his followers to drink alcohol.

Meena: A drunkard starts abusing and misbehaving with his elders and he becomes quarrelsome.

Sita: In reality, drinking has no advantage.

Sultana: It makes a man lazy and spoils his health.

Meena: A drunkard becomes a characterless person.

Sita: He ignores the welfare of his family due to his bad habit of drinking.

Sultana: Drinking destroys the peace of family life. The children are spoilt and the household is ruined.

Meena: A worker hardly earns enough money to feed his family properly. If he starts spending this on drinks his family will definitely starve.

Sita: Therefore, we want that drinking should be prohibited.

Prem: But dear girls, drinking is not bad at all.

Dalip: People have been drinking even in the ancient times.

Madhuri: It is no argument. If the ancient people were doing anything wrong, at least we should not do the same.

Prem: Drinking inspires a man. A writer, an actor, and an artist must drink, otherwise he cannot work.

Sita: It is not correct. Drinking is the enemy of all mankind. It has ruined thousands of houses.

Sultana: There were many great men who never drank even a sip of wine.

Meena: Even Gandhiji was against drinking.

Dalip: But you cannot stop drinking by law, because it will give rise to illicit liquor making.

Prem: A drunkard can drown his worries in the drink and solve all his problems.

Sita: It is absolutely wrong. Drinking creates more problems rather than solving any problem.

Meena: Drinking makes a man lazy and spoils his health.

Prem: But man needs some sort of intoxication to depend upon.

Dalip: Drinking is our birthright.

Sita: It is absolutely wrong. Doing an evil thing cannot. be a birthright of anybody.

Meena: Drinking is the cause of many accidents.

Sultana: Yes. The drivers who are drunk cause many accidents.

Dalip: But we are not drivers.

Sultana: Never mind. Drinking is not a social custom in India; it must be stopped.

Sita: A drunkard becomes a criminal and a danger to the society.

Prem: But prohibition has not been a success even in the U.S.A. It will not become a success in India.

Meena: It is a wrong analogy. What is good for America may not be good for us.

Sultana: In India a very small minority of our population drinks. Therefore, prohibition will be a success here.

Sita: All sections of the society will welcome prohibition.  It will help in raising the standard of living of workers and poor people.


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