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CBSE ASL Speaking Topic “Democracy and Discipline” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

A discussion on the topic of ‘Democracy and Discipline’ among certain friends.

ASL Speaking Conversation on the Topic “Democracy and Discipline” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Bill: It is correct to say that discipline and democracy go hand in hand together.

Mary: Without discipline democracy becomes mobocracy.

Linda: Democracy does not mean a licence to do anything and everything.

John: But some people misuse the liberty granted under a democratic government.

George: It is wrong to misuse the freedom in a democracy.

Amar: In reality an undisciplined people neither deserve democracy, nor they can make a success of it.

Bill: Democracy grants every citizen certain rights but these rights cannot be possible without performing certain duties.

Annie: You are absolutely right.

Harbhajan: In other words, we can say that for the enjoyment of rights every person must perform certain duties also.

Bill: You are right, Harbhajan. Because without performing certain duties no person can be granted any rights.

Mary: Today we can see in the world that only those countries have made progress which are disciplined nations.

Linda: Japan and Germany both are today highly advanced countries due to their disciplined people.

John: It is then right to say that if in a democracy, discipline is lacking, then it is sure to be doomed.

George: Democracy has become successful in those countries only where people are disciplined.

Amar: Democracy is a great success in Switzerland because the Swiss people are highly disciplined.

Bill: On the other hand, democracy has badly failed in many countries of Asia and Africa due to the lack of discipline.

Annie: In India also we have adopted a democratic type of government. Let us then inculcate the spirit of discipline in our people and make democracy a success in our country.

Estella: This is the only way that we can make our nation strong and prosperous.

Mary: We all agree with your conclusion.


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