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CBSE ASL Speaking Task 4 Answer for Class 10, “Classmates become ill-mannered and used foul language ” Task 4

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-X (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 4

Some of your classmates become ill-mannered and used foul language when they disagree with each other or quarrel. With your partner, discuss:

1. Why they behave this way?

2. The advice you would give them all to behave better.

Follow-up questions

a) How easy/difficult do you think it would be for you…?
b) Is there a way …might help?
c) How does … affect…? Will… change if…?
d) Would you agree that…? Why?
e) Do you think the class teacher can…?
f) How would you…?
g) Would it be a good idea to …?Why/why not?
h) Why not try to…?
i) Is it possible that…? Why?/ Why not?
j) Would you suggest involving…?

Candidate A – Hello ! Riya

Candidate B – Hello Jiya ! You seem disturbed?

Candidate A – Oh ! Yes I am feeling very bad that some of our friends use foul language and become ill mannered when they disagree or quarrel with each other.

Candidate B – Yes, you are right. Raman and Aman had a quarrel yesterday during recess over some issue and they at once started using abusive language.

Candidate A – This is really bad.

Candidate B – But they feel that they will win approval or their argument would be accepted in this manner.

Candidate A – This is not serialization. And one doesn’t need to use foul language in order to win approval.

Candidate B – Oh ! This is what they watch over TV shows and in Bollywood movies.  

Candidate A – Yes, bad exposure to such mediums and even bad company is responsible for it.

Candidate B – But, they must realize that a good citizen and student is expected to behave nicely in every situation.

Candidate A – What can we do in this situation?

Candidate B – We may tell them that good manners and civil way pay in the long run and are basis of a healthy society.

Candidate A – Yes, we shall try to set good example before them by behaving nicely in every situation.

Candidate B – Yes, we good manners can also be propagated by practice only.



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