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CBSE ASL Speaking Task 3 Answer for Class 10, “Students litter the premises during school dispersal” Task 3

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-X (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 3
You have noticed that a lot of students litter the premises during school dispersal.
With your partner, discuss:

1. The reasons why they do this?
2. Ways of discouraging this habit.

Follow-up questions

a) Would it be a good idea to …?Why/why not?
b) How easy/difficult do you think it would be for you…?
c) Do you think the others…?
d) Is it likely that…?
e) Would you suggest involving…?
f) Is there a way …might help?
g) Will… change if…?
h) Why not try to…?
i) Would you agree that …? Why?
j) Could the school authorities…?

Candidate A – Raman our school gets very dirty and dispersal.

Candidate B – Yes, Aman, you are right. It is a different picture in morning.

Candidate A – We find our school spik and span in morning but leave it littered.

Candidate B – I have noticed a lot of students littering the classrooms, corridors and the playground with papers, wrappers and pieces of eatables.

Candidate A – This is very bad. We must do something to stop this.

Candidate A – But, What can we do?

Candidate B – We can tell them that school belongs to all and we must act responsible.

Candidate A – But, What if they say that it’s the duty of the sweepers.

Candidate B – No, it is the duty of every individual to help in keeping our school clean.

Candidate A – Oh yes, it is but everyone is in a hurry to leave and they don’t care that they strewn garbage here and there.

Candidate B – School prefects and cleanliness incharges should keep students lean the habit of keeping our school clean.

Candidate A – Yes, we may take help from seniors and try to make students realize their mistake and leave the bad habit.

Candidate A – Ok ! We shall talk with our friends.



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