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CBSE ASL of Speaking Answer 8 for Class 11, Prompt-8 “Friend spend time on TV”


Your friend is not very good in Maths but he has opted for Commerce with Maths and is not doing well in Maths. Discuss with your partner:

  • What are the future implications?

  • How will you convince him to reconsider his choice?


Candidate A:  Mohan is facing so much problem now a days.

Candidate B: What happened to him?

Candidate A: He is not good in Maths but still he has taken commerce subject with Maths. Now struggling with it.

Candidate B: Okay, if he is really wants  to pursue Maths than he should start learning it by heart and soul. He should also join a good coaching centre for extra help. Otherwise he will continue to suffer.

Candidate A:  You are right. Either he should learn Maths by doing hard work or else he should reconsider his decision of taking Maths subject.

Candidate B: Yes! We should as friend talk to him and guide him regarding his problem.

Candidate A:  Yes let’s consult him and talk to his parents as well

Candidate B: Yes let’s do it.      


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