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CBSE ASL Class 10 “Problem Solving Tasks for Students” Problem Solving Tasks for ASL Class 10 and Question and Answer for New Topics of ASL 10.

Central Board of Secondary Education
Problem Solving Tasks
for students

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Task 1

Q.1. You and your friend have been selected to represent your school at an inter school Art and Cultural fest. With your partner discuss
-What presentation you should make?
-What can be done differently and be eco-friendly?

Task 2

Q.2. Some students are having a fight in the playground. With your friends discuss
-What could be done to pacify them?
How you can persuade them to be more sporting?

Task 3

Q.3. In the fast paced life in cities, it is the elder citizens who feel lonely and neglected. With your partner discuss
-The factors impacting the quality of their life.
-Suggest ways to improve it.

Task 4

Q.4. Ankita and Rumi are good friends. They want to see a film, but Rumi’s paraents don’t like their going out without elders. Discuss
-What could be her parent’s fears?
-What could be done to reason out with them?

Task 5

Q.5. Your school has to elect a new Head Boy. Discuss
-What qualities a school Head boy should have?

-What responsibilities come with the position?

Task 6

Q.6. You noticed some students troubling elderly citizens in the bus. Discuss with your partner
– What should be done to stop them from disturbing other passengers?
-What can be done to make people more sensitive towards senior citizens?

Task 7

One of your friends has been not keeping well lately. He is otherwise a bright student but due to his illness, he is unable to score good grades in examination. He is feeling depressed because of all this. How will you boast his morale?

Task 8

One of your friends writes very slowly. Due to this, most of the time, he misses his questions in the examination resulting in loss of marks. How will you help him improve his writing speed?

Task 9

One of your classmates does not turn in his/her homework on time. You are worried that your classmates he/she will not be able to catch up with the rest of the class. How will you explain to him/her that the importance of timely submissions?
Some of the students of your class create disturbance in the class. All the good students are suffering due to this. How will you explain to them that its their loss too?


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    Some students are fighting in playground what could be done to passify them

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