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Business Letter example “Third Reminder for payment”.

Third Reminder for payment


eksons & Company
5, Kolaba , Road Mumbai
General Manager (Sales)

Mr. R K Jadon
Silver and Silver Art
18, Bhonsale Marg, Pune

Sub:-Your account no 792/Invoice 47

Dear  Mr. Jadon

Please refer to our earliest letters/reminders dated 30th July, 10th August and 20th August, requesting therein to settle your long overdue account no 792 at your earliest.

We regret to write that you didn’t respond to settle the account.

You didn’t even respond to any of our above said letters.

This is to advise you to finally settle the account, in full, within seven days of receipt of this letter otherwise we shall refer your account to our legal department for taking legal recourse to recover the dues at your sole risk and cost.

We’ve already informed you that the total outstanding balance due is Rs. 11780.00 as on 30th June 20**.

However, we hope that you will not force us to take legal recourse in the matter, and you will make the full payment as above.


Thanking You


Yours faithfully,
P Shivdan Singh
Manager (Finance)


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