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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “The need of Sudhaar in Aadhaar” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

The need of Sudhaar in Aadhaar

During 1990s in Bollywood films one scene was predominantly featured in every next release. A super thief enters a house and using a master key and surpassing the sleeping bodies, he reaches the treasury where he again using that master key manages to open the safe and steals all the valuables and no need to mention here that he flies from the place without being caught.

But why am I talking about all this here? It isn’t a rocket science to understand that, the super thief was an invincible phenomenon in those movies beacuse that master key was unlocking every door for him. Now just imagine someone in your neighborhood or in your workplace or even in your own family has the same magical master key with him. How drastically he or she can intrude your personal life?

I am sure we all have goosebumps just by imagining all this but do we know that the master key has been already produced and that master key has a name as well- Aadhar.

The most gruesome fact is the possessor of this master key not a thief whose prime purpose is stealing your wealth or money. This time the universal key is in the hands of computer and that computer is available and approachable to anyone who knows how to manipulate with it.

A government constituted high level committee on data protection headed by Justice BN Srikrishna recently released a white paper in which it sought views from all the stakeholders. This extraordinarily sensitive subject of data protection has gained a lot more importance since the landmark verdict or honorable apex court where it precisely upheld privacy as a fundamental right and enshrined in our constitution.

The usefulness of storing each and every citizen’s biometric detail and further mandatorily linking it with almost all the government as well as private schemes and facilities is still debatable on the other hand the looming inevetible danger of data theft or privacy hack is undeniable.

A country like ours where people doesn’t pay much attention to privacy, where people willingly provide confidential data merely for installing an app and getting rewarded by 50 rupees in return. It is not surprising that App based companies like Zomato, Uber etc are accused of data breach once in a while. Even technological giants like Yahoo and Relience Jio are no exception.

Not long ago, it was speculated that even UID has suffered data pilfering. Though, it completely repudiated these charges but a sense of anxiety is always present.

So, now the inestimable question is how we can secure our data in this digital era? An era where everything is going digital day by day. We can explore some measures through which we can minimise the chances of any data rift if not ruling out the possibilities altogether.

The first step towards it should be a strict law against any misadventure done to the sensitive data. This would threaten the unscrupulous elements against misusing someone’s personal data for profit or crime.

An independent data protection authority should be constituted so that it would handle issues related to the data collected by government or corporations. This authority can make sure that data protection norms are followed strictly everywhere.

Last but not the least, a line should be clearly and visibly demarcated between the a person’s public and personal life. Undoubtedly, digitisation is the need of the hour. One shouldn’t mind joining the global trends but letting unsocial elements manipulate with someone’s personal data, his cast, religion, his sexual orientation, is like dishonoring the soul of our democracy.



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