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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “What is in a name- Romeo?” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

What is in a name- Romeo?

One day while watching a news debate, I heard a self-motivated erudite spokesperson of a political party paraphrasing the golden quote of Aristotle, “The worst form of inequality is to try to make two unequal things equal.” He was basically extricating the indictment against his party by urging the news anchor not to compare his sacred regime with the previous deceitful governments.

Well! That wasn’t an alien thing in our country where one proudly seeks consolation that someone else’s character has more flaws than his. However, the quote grabbed my conscience all of a sudden and a correlation between the quote and a just commenced social experiment in UP intruded my ever inquisitive brain.

When in March 2017 Uttar Pradesh overwhelmingly and unprecedentedly voted BJP in power, Yogi Adityanath became 21st chief minister of UP. After swearing in Yogi promptly fulfilled the poll promise of constituting an Anti Romeo Squad for the holy purpose of eradicating rowdy romeos wandering on the streets of the state.

BJP overtly braced the decision of the newly elected CM Yogi and his cabinet for taking such a bold step in such a short span of government formation. The decision literally took the whole of UP by storm and enumerable news and reports started surfacing from all around describing how the just born ARS which was established for checking and curbing crime against women, is stopping, thrashing, and vandalizing any boy sitting with a girl on public places irrespective of the nature of relationship that boy shares with that girl.

Videos of ARS personnel giving punishment to teenagers involved in friendships on the spot, in front of camera, started going viral on regular basis. Debates were started on every news channel about the need and utility of such a squad and the exorbitant power conferred to it.

This Hullabaloo created around this poorly constructed group of below par trained individuals, threw the very sensitive issue of women safety on the backstage. People in the state began to complain about the sense of fear unleashed by ARS among youngsters. Although, the government constantly denied these charges and stated that no innocent is being targeted and how effective this project has been. But the bitter reality remained unchanged and more than criminals and miscreants, it was naive and innocent people that suffered.

But before it was too late, Yogi government made a very smart choice by accepting the proposal of IIM Lucknow and agreed to arrange a training and grooming session for ARS personnel where they would learn how to recognise and behave with virtuous and legitimate couples spending quality time with each other at a public space.

This accord between UP government and IIM Lucknow worked well and the result of this arrangement was remarkable. The Anti Romeo Squad is not a hot topic anymore. What work they are doing right now is anonymous. No more beating and punishing videos are going viral and all thanks to that orientation.

Moreover, there’s no contradiction about the fact that women safety should be given utmost priority not only in UP but in every nook and corner of our country but on the name of women safety freedom of movement and consensual intimacy between two individuals must not be restricted. Afterall, Shakespeare’s Romeo wasn’t that bad. Was he?



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