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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “Manushi Chillar – The priceless ‘CHILLAR”” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

Manushi Chillar – The Priceless ‘CHILLAR’


‘The job which should be paid the highest salary or respect should be of a mother.’ This was the answer our newly crowned miss world Manushi Chillar  gave when asked, which profession deserves highest respect and salary, in the final question-answer round of the beauty pageant held on 18 November 2017 at Sanya city arena, in Sanya city, China.


Manushi Chillar  brought glory to our country after a long arid stretch of 17 years. A medical student by profession, Manushi has not only ended the impasse but also set an example for the women in our country that whatever your background is, whatever place you belong to, whatever community or religion you are associated with, you can achieve the unachievable, the only thing you should have in you is- courage and persistence.


She hasn’t only gratified her home state but the whole nation. It was Priyanka Chopra who had previously won the prestigious title way back in 2000. Since then our beauties had been returning without wearing the diamond studded crown.


Haryana the place notorious for the lowest female sex ratio has been constantly producing female athletes, sportspersons and of course, beauty queens. In fact, after seeing these achievements of women of Haryana in recent years, it wouldn’t be much surprising if we get to see Haryana’s sex ratio topping the chart in the next census.


It would be interesting to see how Manushi shapes her future from here. Some sophisticated minds have already started predicting about her career prospects. Some are suggesting her not to get allured by the glamour of the show-business and continue with her studies and become a doctor, on the other side, there are many mouths that are shouting slogans- how well she can do in films and she must go for it.


Haryana CM has already offered her a government job- post and department of her choice and has expressed his wish to use Manushi’s fame to creat awareness in the state about certain government initiatives. Manushi’s kitty is full of lucrative offers from different directions.


But the thing which ought to be understood at this point of time is; whether she would continue her unfinished medical course or she would join the league with past miss worlds and steps into Bollywood immediately, is completely her call. Right now, we should only enjoy the grandeour of this proud moment. After all, Manushi Chillar – a doctor or an actor both will be equally inestimable asset for us.





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