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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “Breathing is injurious to health-  Air Pollution ” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

Breathing is injurious to health-  Air Pollution 


Once upon a time there was a trend to buy winter cloths in the month of november but the current flux is different, cloths are no more important. Breathing gears are the new buzzwords in northern India.


Parents are more worry for the anti-pollution masks than to the lunch boxes their children carry to schools. Doctors, Weather men, Environment enthusiasts, all are giving statutory advisories regarding the deteriorated air quality. People haven’t craved for sunshine like this before.


One of my friends’ father is an Asthma patient and a retired bank employee, he is forced to be indoors all these days because he cannot afford to go on morning or evening walks. Doctors have warned him against any misadventure.


The chaotic atmosphere has given a not so new but ever refreshing topic of discussion and debate to the entire nation. From politicians to Bollywood actors, from the rich to the poor, everyone is talking about how bad the air has become. Middle class is considering purchasing a good quality mask on the other hand, upper class is mulling over which brand’s air purifier they should opt for their respective homes.


Whole stretch of nothern india is suffocating under the thick blanket of smog. This lethal combination of fog and pollution is not a simple phenomenon to understand, it has its root in rapid industrialization to the mass level of stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana.


Every year during this time, this hazardous health problem arises and each time state governments as well as central government play the blame game with each other. Delhi curses Punjab and Haryana for the severity in the air of national capital territory, likewise, Punjab and Haryana ask Delhi to look back into its own sleeve. Central government also does its duty very firmly by constituting various committees to check the air pollution level and coordinate between the concerned states.


It is the common man who bares the burnt of this theory of downwards filtration of responsibility. One cannot understand, if this is a reoccurring dilemma, why can’t our system get prepared for it beforhand? Why can’t they use hindsight? Why do all the measures are taken after the situation goes bad to worse? I think, these questions will never be answered.


Moreover, It is quite understandable that farmers are not burning stubble deliberately, in fact, they don’t have any other option to get rid of that farm residue. They find burning it most suitable, cost effective and easy to do. Denouncing them alone for this, would not be correct. They can be facilitated by increasing the minimum support prices for their crops so much so that, they could manage stubble more scientifically. They can be sensitized about the damage stubble burning is causing to our environment.


Some other steps that could be initiated to cope with air pollution is- better transportation facilities which can motivate people to use public transport instead of personal vehicles. Public and private sector should work hand in hand for this cause. R&D wings, whether it is public of private, should be assigned with the task of making technologies less dependent on conventional energies. Focus should be shifted towards clean forms of energy to be utilized in every sector. At the end, the core point is we should do something before It’s too late. We can and will become a developed country one day. Our economy can grow at 10% per annum. We can become a permanent member of security council as well but what would happen if we let the air in which we breath become poisonous?


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