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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “International Court of Justice seat goes to India” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

International Court of Justice seat goes to India

‘Destiny favors the brave’, this universal quote apllies to Indian streak this year. The way India batted for the second term for its senior judge Dalveer Bhandari in international court of justice is both commendable as well as abberant.

After the triumph in Kedhar Jadav’s case against Pakistan in may 2017, India registered another face lifting win by successfully placing its candidate Dalveer Bhandari to the international court of justice. UK for the first time in almost 71 years lost its birth in ICJ.
It was like a clash of titans as P-5 countries i.e. UK, US, CHINA, RUSSIA, FRANCE. All were pitted directly against a non-Security council member for the berth in ICJ. Indian nominee for the post received almost two third of the majority i.e. 121/193 votes in UN General assembly.

P-5 countries’ reluctance towards UK’s proposal to invoke joint conference, rendered UK to withdraw its candidate Christopher Greenwood which ultimately provided India with the upper hand in the struggle.

British media responded in a positive note about this political power game and called Indian victory a well deserved and well fought one. It termed the efforts taken by UK as less than required and moaned about the fact that for the very first time since its inception UK lost its representation in ICJ. But quickly tuning to affirmative channel, it rejoiced the trade relation between India and UK, describing it bigger than the ICJ face-off. Indian diaspora in UK also cherished Indian success and comforted that the seat went to the nation with which UK has strongest and amicable relation.

Here at home, Indian political fraternity leaving their rivalry behind, applauded this victory with great vigor. Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi congratulated Dalveer Bhandari and MOEA, immediately after the news surfaced, on his twitter handle. It is seen as a major boost for his government and its stand on geo-political endeavors. Minister of external affairs Smt. Shushma Swaraj made her utmost contribution in achieving this feat.
But the show does not end here this unprecedented win has bolstered Indian case for a permanent UNSC seat. China has constantly hampered Indian efforts for this cause but the time is slowly but steadly approaching when India will get its long due.

Increasing presence of India in Asia and its continued engagements on various fronts with its neighbors as well as big giants like US, France and Russia to name a few, is more than enough to place a mighty proposition to the entire world and especially UNSC.

Looking to this accomplishment from a little different perspective, it is time for our own judiciary and its processes to be something more accessible and discernible for the man on the street, only then, this faith shown by the world fraternity towards Indian judicial prowess will be justified. Some recent happenings in Indian judicial system in neither desired nor beneficial in long run. No attempt should be nurtured and pushed which is targeted against our pure and competent judiciary.


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