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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “After all, it’s a new year!” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

After all, it’s a new year!


Once again the day has come to calculate all the pros and cons we got in 2017, a year full of adventures and significant steps. As the year 2018 is standing at our doors, new aspirations, new hopes, and new challenges are waiting to enter into our lives. Like every other year 2017 was full of sweet and sour memories, whereas sweet memories brings smiles on our faces, sour ones teach us the reasons behind their being sour.


We, Indians are born optimistics. We never cry over spilt milk. But sometimes it becomes so difficult to ignore the spilted milk that we have to cry a little bit.


Let’s try to inbox the entire year into a small article and see what were the things that mattered us the most and made us proud in the ongoing year and the what were those things that we don’t want to see ever again in upcoming years.


As a nation we achieved many milestones this year. We not only made our presence felt in the field of science and technology, sports, education, and economics but also proved the entire world that we are no longer in a mood to shy away from facing any kind of adversities when it comes to protecting our sovereignty and pride.


Whether we talk about Dokhlam faceoff with powerful but arrogant China or strongly pitching our own views on Jerusalem, whether showing our space superiority over others or helping small neighbours in need, we have shown exemplary strength in every examination put into our way.


We proved prominent predictions, from all around the world, wrong that our economy will fall down after the implementation of GST. We proved our near and not so dear neighbours that they can do whatever they wish to unstable us, to harm us, to divide us but we are not going to cater their desires. Through our consistent struggle and triumphs, we made sure that their dreams remain dreams forever.


We, also managed to clear our long outstanding due from our colonial friends this year when we won the race for ICJ seat against UK and forced it to withdraw it’s candidature. This was indeed a memorable victory for us.


This year was special for women in many terms. We broke the archaic religious chains and relased the Muslim women from the cages of triple Talaq and provided them a life of dignity. Other rigid traditions in Hindu temples where women weren’t allowed to  enter were challenged and removed. First all women naval vessel INS Tarini was set off by PM Modi to sail around the world.


The year 2017 will definitely be written in golden letters in historic books. But there were some black spots in the golden journey this year. Increased infiltration attempts of Pakistan and China along the Indian border, constant plans to destabilize Kashmir, illegal entry of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, growing lever of intolerance and anger among different communities, Padmawati release issue, decreasing employment opportunities, and finally deterioration of political ethics have continued to dig the roots of our country.


That clearly indicates that the battle has just begun for us. Before putting our first leg into the new year we all must take a pledge that we all will work hard, sweat out and toil to make our nation a better place to live in, a beautiful land of beautiful peoples, a democratic republic where every citizen has equal rights not only on papers but in reality also, a country where good thoughts are appreciated and bad ones are discarded without being weighed on the scale of cast, creed and religion.


And, I must include here that once we the 130 crore citizens of this country decide to make our great land the greatest one, no power in this world would be able to stop us.


Having such promises in our hearts, let’s welcome the new year spreading both hands wide cherishing the moment of joy and happiness and remember the the words of Benjamin Franklin, ” Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours, and let every new year find you a better man.”

Happy New Year!






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