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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “Education versus Religion” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

Education versus Religion


Buddha said, ” Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” Spiritual life means nearness to spirituality and the easiest way towards achieving spirituality is religion.

But modern education has sincerely advocated that religion has nothing to do with one’s spirituality. One can attain spirituality without being suffocated by religious sermons.


Does freedom of religion means freedom from religion? How can an educated person talk in the favor of certain religiously rigid perceptions? We come across such statements in our day to day lives where we get to know or hear about things that an educated person shouldn’t do or must do.


From here starts a conflict, a conflict between education and religion. In our country where religion plays a pivotal role in one’s life. From birth celebrations to death ritulas, one’s religion accompanies throughout one’s journey. A person’s day in our country starts with Aarti, Aazan, Gurubani or Prayer, no matter where one resides or what one does.


Basically, religion flows like blood in our veins. Therefore, is it fruitful to argue over the importance of education in developing human minds? Doesn’t the very core purpose of education badly fails when we hear that a highly educated professional kills his or her daughter just because he or she loves someone outside his religion.


Isn’t it pointless to say educated man doesn’t follow such highly exaggerated religious thoughts when we read news about how a well educated man set his daughter on fire on the name of Love Jihaad?


Actually the problem lies somewhere else and we are continuously giving treatment on some other place. We have failed to understand that religion itself is an education. It has been inculcated to humans since the beginning of civilization. So, separating it from formal education wouldn’t provide solutions. In fact introducing it to formal stream of education and making changes in its curriculum, adding what is the need of the hour and deleting what has become archiac and impractical, like we do to other subjects of study, will surely produce some adequate results. For that matter, it is not necessary to bring a new subject of religion in education altogether, but efforts should be made to give religion a platform in educational mainstream where a student can get to know different positive

aspectsof various religions.


It should be infused from very beginning that things that don’t change according to time become hoary and harmful. Every child whether going to a School or a Madarasa should be taught about the liberties that every religion has not the man made indoctrinated extremities.


Any attempt from any self proclaimed groups targeted against religious harmony should be dealt with harshly. No loopholes should be granted to such brainwashing entities.


One major challenge in the way of doing and implementing all this would be politics. Unless and until politics won’t isolate religion from its agenda. Until religion will be on the center stage of election speeches and rallies, untill religion will be used for catering votes, mere education wouldn’t be able to help in this cause. Because the extremities like Love Jihaad is more political than religious. Politically motivated religious frenzy must be restricted at any cost.


So, instead of saying why education isn’t being sufficient in changing human perception towards religion, it’s better we should focus more on an amalgamation of education with positive religion. It will provide us with the opportunity to realise that every religion teaches us love, fraternity, respect, and mutual existence and no religion pushes us against each other.


Religion is like food for us, its positive intake enriches our mind and body and its wrong or over dose results in food poisoning.





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