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Are Games and Sports Necessary?, Complete English Essay, Paragraph for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Are Games and Sports Necessary?


Value of games


The importance of games and sports in our lives

‘A sound mind lives in a healthy body’. What is a nation’s wealth? Is it the amount of gold lying in the vaults of the banks or the living standard of its citizens? It lies in the health of its citizens.

How can a person become healthy? The answer to this question is through sports and gaíes. As a library is necessary for the proper growth of one’s mental health so is a playground for one’s physical health. Keeping this in mind it is necessary to play games and sports. Therefore sports and games have been made an essential part of our education system.

Whatever game we play we get exercise. We do perspire and perspiration is good for health. They help us in the development of our physical growth and health. All the out- door games make the players breathe in the fresh air and after physical exertion, they feel hungry and eat well. They digest food and fruit which is needed for strength.

Games and sports not only keep our body strong and fit but also they develop our all-round personality. Which is the real goal of education. They teach us sportsmanship, qualities of cooperation, and leadership. They teach us discipline. We play a game for the sake of a game without using unfair or foul means. This teaches us fairness too.

We also come to know about people of different places and countries when they play against our team or we visit their country. We learn about their culture, food, language and so many other thing. We come close to the people of other countries.

The credit of making a person mentally strong is often taken by books. However, sports and games do play an equally important role in making a person mentally strong and alert. Sports make a person bold and brave. He learns to keep his mental poise (balance) under all circumstances. He masters the art of facing hurdles in his life with a smile.

Nowadays even playing games such as cricket, and tennis football players get name, fame and money not only for themselves but also for their country. Those who never play games can be seen destroying the sensible characteristics and the moral fabric of the society.

Therefore it can be said that sports and games to play an important part in the life of man as well as the nation. They are needed to make a nation great. Only healthy citizens can work hard for the development of their nation.


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