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Application for the post of book-keeper, English Letter Example.

Application for the post of book-keeper

Mohan Lal Jain

New Delhi

October 15, …

Messrs New India Alloys

Chawri Bazar



Dear Sirs

In response to your advertisement in today’s “The Hindustan Times”, for a Book-Keeper, I would be grateful if you consider a short account of my character and capabilities.

For the last three years, I .have been employed as a bookkeeper by a firm where the wide field of work to be covered has given me a good all-around knowledge of trading accounts.

In enclosing a few copies of testimonials from my Principal. You may refer to my present employers who will be willing to supply you with information regarding my character and ability. It will, of course, be possible for you to obtain information from my present employers also. If you wish to make any enquiries regarding my capability, honesty, and work.

The question of salary raises difficulties and you will agree that it would hardly be fair to either of us if quoted even a tentative figure now.

I have every hope that you will give me a chance to work under your kind control and thus offer an opportunity to prove claims.

Yours faithfully


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