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A Wedding Ceremony, English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – A Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is liked by all of us. It is an important social event. It is a way of forging bonds between two individuals and families. Preparations for the wedding ceremony soon after the engagement is performed by the two families, the bridegroom and of the bride.

On the wedding day, the bridegroom arrives at the house of the bride on a mare fully decorated. The procession is followed by friends and relatives with bandsmen beating drums flanked by light and music.

The bride’s place is beautifully decorated. Tents are put up to welcome the wedding party. As soon as the boy arrives with his relatives and friends they are greeted with garlands, showers of flowers, and flashes of cameras. Then the wedding party is escorted inside the tent and seated cordially. They are served with refreshments. The groom is seated on a raised platform. Soon the bride is escorted too. She is dressed in the finest wedding clothes. She is seated beside the groom after the two garlands each other.

There is clapping and cheering all around. Photographers look busy in taking snaps or making a video film of the events.

The visiting party is invited to a sumptuous dinner. Some people leave the place soon after the dinner. Some members of both the families remain back to witness the wedding ceremony.

The bride and the groom are made to sit in front of the fire under the auspicious arcade of flowers. A pundit performs the religious rites chanting mantras or shalokas. In between them, he asks the bride to rice, sugar grains, etc., in the fire kund. After that, the two men and a woman go round the fire seven times. The girl’s saree is tied to the boy’s cloth. In this way, the wedding ceremony is finally solemnized.

They are served eatables. The bride and the groom prepared to depart after taking the blessings of their elders. They sit in a car which is in earlier times used to be a wooden palanquin. This is called the doli ceremony. The parents and the bride are seen shedding tears. The bride is going to be separated from her parents. Therefore, she weeps. The parents’ tears are of joy as their duty of marrying the daughter is complete. Amidst joys and sorrows, the doli departs for the groom’s house. Coins are thrown over the car/doli at the time of departure. It is considered to be auspicious. Thus, the wedding ceremony comes to an end. Soon the place looks deserted.



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