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The Television – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – The Television

Television is one of the great wonders of science. It is a blessing in disguise. One can hear as well as watch the live programmes taking place at far-off places.

In the fields of education, it is very useful for students. It has made education easy and efficient. On a T.V. set, students feel as it lessons were being given by the teacher in their class. It has a strange attraction too. It means a student takes a deep interest in the lesson. Therefore, he gets a lot of benefit from it. The programmes not only impart education but also entertain them. Even the weak students learn easily the lessons which otherwise seem to them difficult in a classroom teaching.

In the school students wait eagerly for the T.V. lesson. They look at the screen with great attention and hear and understand well.

Even dull subjects like science and mathematics become interesting. It saves time and money to much extent. For example, if a science practical is held in the science laboratory, only a limited number of students will be benefitted. Whereas with the help of T.V. installed in a big hall it can be viewed by three to four hundred students. It can be watched in different schools by lakhs of students. No other method can do so much as a T.V. set does.

In India the first DD was set up in Delhi in 1959. Then its range was only 24 kilometers. It was then meant for adult education. The school lessons were begun in India in 1961. Lessons in English, science biology, mathematics etc. are given by the Doordarshan.

Several programmes for general public are telecast. Many good serials are shown on different T.V. channels.

Too much viewing of T.V. has made the young generation lethargic, weak and obese. They don’t have time for homework, play or exercise. This has made them T.V. addicts. They suffer from weak eyesight too. The western civilization has invaded the Indian culture. Nudity, obscenity and violence leave a lasting and degenerating effect on young minds. This should be avoided. For these reasons people call it ‘an idiot box’. Only educative programmes and a few good serials should be viewed by students. Continuous watching of T.V. programmes should also be avoided. 

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