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10 Lines on “Shivaji” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 Lines on “Shivaji”

1. Shivaji was born in a hill fortress in the Western Ghats and brought up by his mother Jija Bai.

2. His father was an officer in the army of the Sultan of Bijapur and was mostly away on duty. Jija Bai was a religious and brave woman and told Shivaji stories of the heroes of ancient India.

3. Shivaji learnt shooting and riding as a hobby and as a young man was successful in capturing Bijapur and establishing the Maratha Empire in large tracts of land in the Deccan.

4. He then pitted his strength against the Mughals and for twenty years held back Aurangzeb’s armies.

5. He was a master of the guerilla art of warfare.

6. Even when he was arrested he managed to escape in a basket of sweets.

7. He went home and once again took over the rule of the Maratha Empire.

8. He brought about many reforms and broke the power of the richer sections.

9. He looked after the interests of his people and protected them. He had many good qualities and was a just and kind ruler.

10. Today, he is revered as a national hero.


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