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10 Lines on “Indira Gandhi” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 Lines on “Indira Gandhi”

1. Indira Gandhi was born to Jawaharlal and Kamala Nehru in 1917.

2. They named her Indira and gave her a second name as well- Priyadarshini, which means “dear or beloved”.

3. Indira grew up in an atmosphere where patriots were fighting to free their country.

4. She came in close contact with Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Jinnah and many others who had joined the Indian National Congress, India’s leading political party.

5. Several times during the struggle for freedom, Indira’s parents were imprisoned. Her father Nehru spent almost ten years in jail. Indira’s education was in Switzerland at the International School, and later at Visva Bharti University, in East India.

6. The university was founded by Rabindranath Tagore, the famous painter, musician, poet and playwright. In 1938, while studying at Somerville College, Oxford, she realised what freedom meant. How she longed to join the freedom fighters who wanted to end the British rule in India!

7. Indira married Feroze Gandhi in March 1942 and had two sons, Rajiv Gandhi, who later became the Prime Minister, and Sanjay Gandhi, who also played an important role in politics.

8. This brave, dauntless, Prime Minister was shot brutally on the morning of 31 October 1984.

9. She was sixty-six years old. She died as she would have wanted to – active and serving her country.

10. She will always be remembered for her courage and outstanding contribution to our nation.


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