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10 lines on “Our School Library” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 lines on “Our School Library”

1. Our school is blessed with a wonderful library. It has so many books that it seems impossible to count them. There are long lines of shelves and cupboards containing books on a variety of subjects.

2. In the reading room, there are many long tables with chairs, and a little placard with the word ‘SILENCE’ written on it, for a library is a place of peace and quiet.

3. On a table are magazines of all kinds, in English, Hindi, and Urdu. There are newspapers as well.

4. When a student wants to borrow a book from the library, he chooses the book and takes it to the librarian who stamps it and notes the name of the child, the book and the date on which it is taken.

5. A library is a part and parcel of all schools. Every school encourages the children to cultivate good reading habits, for books give us knowledge and are our greatest companions too!

6. The librarian is a trained and qualified person. He helps the children to select good books and keeps the library in a perfect order.

7. A place of peace and silence, the library is a storehouse of knowledge written beautifully by well-known authors.

8. Be it with a biography of Churchill or Nehru, or verses by Tagore or Wordsworth, a student can remain with the books here for many hours. It is well stocked with storybooks too.

9. The true function of a school library is to make the students aware of good and wholesome books that will widen their knowledge, and help them to grow up intellectually.

10. As a poet says:


Away from the noise and bustle,

Just take me

To the quiet sanctity

Of the library.


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