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10 Lines on “A Memorable Trip” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 Lines on “A Memorable Trip”

1. It was one of the happiest days of my life when my family announced that we were going to Rajasthan for a holiday. We would spend a few days at Jodhpur and then take a train to Jaisalmer, and see the SAM sand dunes.

2. After a comfortable journey, we arrived at Jaisalmer. Its second name, the ‘Golden City’ is indeed appropriate, for it has vast stretches of golden-colored sand.

3. I have yet to see such a magnificent place! Jaisalmer is situated in the western part of Rajasthan, and on its north-west is Pakistan. On the south and east are the districts of Jodhpur, Barmer, and Bikaner.

4. Jaisalmer is a dry, sandy wasteland where nothing grows, and it forms a part of the Great Indian Desert or the Thar Desert.

5. Full of historical monuments and beautifully carved temples, Jaisalmer is a beautiful place to visit. It was the greatest centre of trade in olden times, and silk was sent in caravans.

6. Caravans were a long line of camels used for crossing the desert. They were very popular because camels can stay without food or water for several days and can bear the scorching dust storms.

7. We also visited the Folklore Museum, founded in 1984, and saw paintings, fossils, historical photographs, coins, camel ornaments, and old manuscripts.

8. About forty-five kilometers from Jaisalmer are the SAM sand dunes which are huge mounds of sand, resembling tiny hills.

9. Miles and miles of sandy hills, these dunes are three kilometers long and one kilometer wide. The wind changes their shape constantly.

10. Rajasthan is full of tradition and culture. Jaipur, also known as the ‘Pink City’, is its capital. The palaces here are built of pink stone giving it its distinct name.


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