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10 Lines on “A Journey by Bus” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

A Journey by Bus

1. I waited for my uncle’s letter. He lives at Sunder Nagar in Himachal Pradesh. He worked there in a bank.
2. Finally, I got his letter. He had invited me to visit him in summer vacation. I was told to catch the DTC bus from ISBT, Kashmiri Gate.
3. It starts for Mandi District at 5.05 A.M. so I took an auto and reached the bus terminal at 4.50 A.M. This is the only bus where no booking is done. I boarded it. It started moving out just at the fixed hour.
4. It was quite fine outside. The cool breeze was blowing. It crossed the Delhi border and entered Haryana after 35-40 minutes. It gathered speed.
5. After about three hours it stopped at a big dhaba. Passengers got down to take tea or cold drinks. Some went to the toilet. After 20 minutes break it moved on.
6. It passed Ambala Cantt. It reached Chandigarh at 10.30 A.M. At 11′ clock it stopped at Kiratpur Sahib.
7. Passengers got down for lunch. After half an hour’s rest it again started. Soon we were welcomed into Himachal Pradesh.
8. On the way came Swar Ghat, Kainchi More, Chaddole and a few more places. Then came Bilaspur. This journey looked tiresome and pleasant. But some passenger’s faces looked pale. Perhaps it was their first journey. The bus moving downward and upward.
9. Again it moved on. The mountains and nullahas looked fine. Trees presented a good sight and cool air. At 4 p.m. it reached Sunder Nagar.
10. I was welcomed by my uncle at the bus stop. We hired a coolie and reached his house. It was a nice experience for me travelling on a bus among the high mountains. I enjoyed the journey very much.


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