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10 Lines on “A Journey by Train” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

A Journey by Train

1. My uncle lives in Ambala Cantt. He sent me an invitation to spend my holidays with him.
2. I got my ticket booked in the Himachal Express. At 10.15 I boarded the train at the Old Delhi Railway Station.
3. At 10.25 it started moving. Soon it gathered speed and left the station behind.
4. I was sitting near a window. It was dark outside. There were lights far away. Soon the train passed by those lights. I kept looking outside.
5. I looked at the star-studded sky. The stars seemed to move in the opposite direction. The train halted at Panipat.
6. She passed by Ghannuar. She stopped at a few more stations. There was small blue light. I wanted to read ‘India Today’ bus the light wasn’t sufficient inside the compartment.
7. I could hear the ratting noise made by the big wheels of the train. The air was fresh and cool. At Karnal it stopped for 8-10 minutes. Some passengers got down and some got in. I took tea from a hawker. He charged three rupees. I began enjoying it. Then the guard below a whistle and waved a green coloured lamp. The train set out on its forward journey. At 2.30 she reached Ambala Cantt. I got down as soon as it came to a halt.
8. My uncle had seen me as there was enough light at the platform. He waved his hand and reached my compartment.
9. It was a quite and calm journey from Delhi to Ambala Cantt. I could not go to bed during the journey as I enjoyed it.
10. I followed my uncle and came out of the station. He hired and auto and we reached his house in 15 minutes. My aunt too was very pleased to see me.


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