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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of Animals, Birds and Insects” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 20

Facts of Animals, Birds and Insects-19

411. The teeth of the mouse, rat and rabbit, keep on growing. If thy ear prevented from gnawing, the teeth will become so long that eventually, the rodent dies of starvation.

412. In the good old days, cock fighting was popular not only as a means of gambling but also because rivals fought a proxy battle through their cocks. Hence, cock fights often led to full- scale fighting among groups of men.

413. A snake sheds its skin as easily as men give up old clothes.

414. When grabbed, wall lizards leave their tails behind. The tail continues to wriggle, thus confusing the enemy.

415. Sounds produced by birds in times of danger have been carefully recorded by scientists and played on the fields to frighten birds and prevent them from destroying crops.

416. Thought the polar bear’s cub weighs only about 1/3 kg at the time of its birth, it grows to weight as much as 700 kg.

417. Thousands of years ago, horses were used for food before they came to be used for riding.

418. The blesbok, a South – African antelope, is almost the same colour as grape juice.

419. The butterfly and the moth belong to the insect group called ‘ Lepidoptera’. The butterfly is brightly coloured and is active during the day; whereas, the moth is less brightly coloured and is active only during the night. The moth generally has straight feathery antennae while the antennae of butterfly are clubbed. The butterfly are clubbed. The butterfly rests with its wings folded upright over its back, while the moth holds them flat and roof- like over its body.

420. The wild duck sleeps in groups. Those taking turns on the outer edges of the group sleep with one eye open while those in the center confidently close both eyes.


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