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Write a letter to your sister describe the wedding ceremony. Family Letter

You attended a friend’s wedding ceremony recently. Your sister, who was also invited, was unable to attend. Write a letter to her describing the wedding ceremony.

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1st March 201_

Dear Mennu

Hope you are in best of health and happiness. I am very happy that we all went for Revathis wedding. As requested. I am writing this letter to describe her wedding. Unlike other weddings, Revathy’s wedding was unique. The wedding ceremony started at 3 pm.

Many of Revath’s friends came all the way form Haridwar for the wedding. At about 4 pm, the priest told the couple to lead a life of devotion to God and to each other. Revathy was looking very beautiful. Many people gave them money; some guests came forward with their gifts. The meal was served during this time. You really missed a lot. When the photographs are ready, I will send some to you.

Your sister



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