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Write a letter to your friend overseas to inform him about your brother’s marriage.

Write a letter to your friend overseas, to inform him about your brother’s marriage.

Navi Mumbai

1 November 2005.

My dear Pramod,

After a long time since we met last, I have occasion to write to you. My brother’s marriage, after several attempts at ‘match-making’, has been fixed. The girl, who is a postgraduate, is employed by the LIC of India and is based in Pune. Her family hails from our native town and is known to my parents. Both sides can, therefore, claim to be on familiar ground. Quite strangely, this proposal had been considered some time ago, before it was dropped for some unknown reason. Hence, it is a revival of interest that has clinched the issue. Since my brother is employed in Bombay, it will be necessary to work out some arrangement by which either can shift to the other’s location. As transfers in the LIC are easier to arrange, I feel it will be the girl who will make the ‘move’. The date of the wedding will be fixed during the engagement ceremony which is on 10 November. I shall send you the invitation thereafter.

As for me, I am a bit busy these days, having to divide my time between Mumbai and Vadodara, where we are planning to set up a new outfit. The plan is still very much on paper, with little likelihood that it will take shape before the year is out. The twin responsibilities that I hold, as a result, are definitely taxing, but at the same time challenging and interesting.

I hope your wife and son have by now adjusted well to the new land and ‘life’. With Sohar being what it is, the adjustment might not have been easy. But since you have a car now, you can drive down to Muscat whenever you wish, with life and entertainment. Do you get to see my friends in Muscat? If you do, please tell them I am doing well in my business. You may also convey to them my regards when you meet them next. But before that, you may take as much of those regards as you wish for yourself, your wife, and your son!

Yours affectionately,

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