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Write a Letter to your Cousin “Job After Long Unemployment”, Family Letter

Job After Long Unemployment

Dear Cousin Kumar,

My heart with joy when I heard that you have reached the EI Dorado of your ambitions after a weary trudge and drudge of long unemployment. Lesser lights than you have long been employed, but then fortune favours fools, and you fortunately do not belong to that class. You have in fact paid the price of your pioneering brilliance, because your mind has long been set on Chemical Engineering, the importance whereof is not yet widely understood in our country.

I am glad you did not mortgage your future career for the present requirements by accepting any engineering assignment that tripped across you path when you walked footsore on the thorns of unemployment , quite contrary to the counsel tendered to you by most of us. I am gratified to recall that you coolly and courageously turned down any such advice.

Now standing on the first rung of the ladder in the illustrious firm of the Tatas, I am roseate that you will rise faster and higher and make up for the slow recognition of your creative genius and sterling qualities of head and heart.

Ever praying for your greater and greater glory.

Affectionately yours,

Reply to above

Dear Brother Bhakri

The warmth of your feelings has brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am glad you have promptly swept away my fears that you might be envious of my good fortune.

The truth is that I owe this job entirely to the soft corner that you have in your heart for a struggling and straggling soul like myself.  Had you not helped me with your mind, might and money when I was a pariah in the family, where  I should have been today? Not in the Tata lawns but under a Tata locomotive !

Never entertain the passing idea even for a second that I can ever forget that this good , greatness and glory I own entirely to your sweet selflessness.

Yours everlastingly,


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