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Write a letter to the Director Doordarshan suggesting some changes in the TV programmes, Formal letter for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12

Write a letter to the Director Doordarshan suggesting some changes in the TV programmes.





The Director


New Delhi


At present most of the programmes and serials of TV are boring. They just show lack of foresight. For instance, there is hardly any and little

programme or serial worthmentioning for students e children.

Students would like to have some information serials which enhance their knowledge. They would also like some humorous programmes to get rid of the boredom of the class-room.

Little children would like cartoons and pictures of colourful animals, birds and insects such as butterflies, fishes, etc.

I hope you’ll order necessary changes in programmes. Some new programmes can be started by discontinuing some boring serials. 

Your faithfully



Letter No. 02


Letter to the Director, Delhi Doordarshan Kendra, suggesting some improvements in the programmes telecast from their channel.

Secretary, R.W.A.

Shipra Enclave


The Director

Doordarshan Kendra

Mandi House

New Delhi-110001

April 7, 2007

Sub. : Suggestions for improvement in programmes. telecast from your channel 

Dear Sir,

As I view your programmes regularly for information as well as entertainment, I find most of them of a very high standard, for which you deserve appreciation from the viewers. Please accept my thanks and gratitude for the pains you and your staff have to put in to keep the interest of the fans of your channel alive.

However, some programmes are losing popularity and need instant improvement in their standard. I hope you would take my suggestions, which are given below, in a positive way and initiate instant action for the betterment of the image and retaining popularity of your station.

  1. Quite often, visuals are missing from the news, that makes it dull and boring. Some of your announcers need improvement in their accent and pronunciation.
  2. A few of your announcers look very grim, tense and serious on the screen. They should appear natural and have a smiling face.
  3. In films and film songs, you have forgotten the interest of the aged and the old. At least fifty percent films and film songs telecast should be of good, old days.
  4. There are frequent repeats of many serials, which no one wants to see.
  5. Programmes, related to common men and their problems, should also be included.
  6. There is undue focus on cricket. Why should other games be ignored ?
  7. Programmes on education, health and hygiene, women’s welfare, achievements of our scientists and eradication of superstitions have to be included quite frequently.

With best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

Pramod Rawal


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  1. Nethravathi.A.R says:

    Hello Sir,
    Iam writing this email from bengaluru,very happy to see our olden days serials these days with which our so many memories are also tagged .I felt very bad about the changes made in the serial timings of chanakya which we always want most of our people to know indian history.It was played at 10pm ,peak time for most of the viewers, please continue at the same time like before

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