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Write a debate in 150-200 words on “Should schools prescribe uniforms?”.

Should schools prescribe uniforms?

I Navtej, am strongly against the motion, School uniforms should not be banned because they create equality among students. They should be more widely used and not banned because they take away the status quo. Removing labels from clothing is not more than creating just the problem of inequality. School uniforms solve many instances of bullying, parental stress, and childhood depression for starters. I believe all children deserve acceptance, and with school uniform, it gives them an advantage. Why should this advantage be taken away?

Uniforms make students feel like they are part of the same school, and that they are proud to belong to the school. Students wouldn’t be discriminated against because of the clothes they wear. Uniforms help pupils get into the correct, working state of mind, and it gives a good impression of the school. School uniforms simplify a school’s dress code. The school would only need to specify how the uniform should be worn. A school uniform also gives a professional atmosphere to schools.

Also, it’s easier to spot a student who has cut class if he/she has a uniform on. With these arguments, I rest my case.

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