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Write a debate in 150-200 words on “It is cruel to put stray dogs to sleep”.

It is cruel to put stray dogs to sleep.

I, Anita wish to strongly argue for the motion that it is very cruel to put stray dogs to sleep.

Legally, you have no ground to kill dogs. It is illegal to maim or cause injury to any animal. You could go to jail, along with a fine of anything above 2000 rupees. Also, a lot of animal welfare groups are pushing for a catalog of animal abusers.

Are there any practical benefits of killing dogs? None. Killing the animal doesn’t solve the problem because there will be more dogs which will simply replace the previous dogs and whatever issues we have with the first one will never pass over, also I can’t really think of issues that necessitate murder on our part. Dogs are not malicious by nature and usually become violent due to ill-treatment, hunger, disease, or trauma.

It is more sensible to show some compassion towards them and get them sterilized so that they don’t reproduce. Winning their trust by feeding them from a distance, and stopping others from stoning or teasing them will prove to be a more humane approach as every living being on this planet has an equal right to live.

Thank you.


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