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Top 6 “Model Office Interview Examples” should be prepare before Interview.

Model Office Interview Example

Such an interview might proceed somewhat on the following lines:

Q.1. What games have you played?

Q.2. If you found that a certain job has not been done by a fellow clerk, which you know to be urgent, what would you do?

Q.3. There are three things you have to do on the same day, viz., an urgent case, drawing your salary at a certain time and reporting to a superior on some important matter. Which would you do first, and why ?

Q.4. What subjects of academic interest do you prefer ?

Q.5. Have you had any practical experience elsewhere in the office routine ?

Q.6. Is it ever permissible to suppress information you may have been given by your superior officer and, if so, under what circumstances ?

These questions are not the actual ones but a great deal of unhappiness and disappointment could be avoided if the interviewer would only take so much trouble as to frame his questions in a discerning manner.


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