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The City I Like Most, Complete English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 9, 10, 12 and Graduate Students Exam.

The City I Like Most

Since I was very young my parents have been taking me for holidays to various cities and hill stations in India. But the city I like most in Delhi. I love Delhi primarily because I live in it and I have been born and brought up in Delhi. My first experience of school was in Delhi.

I love the neighborhood as I pass it every day while going to school. No other city is as green and flowery as Delhi is. Areas like Janpath, Jor Bagh, Chanakyapuri, India Gate, and the University too are extremely green and flowers of various varieties have been planted in Delhi. The roads are good – they have been worked upon well by the N. D. M. C. They are broad and even I love the winter in Delhi.

This is the time when all the flowers are in bloom and one can enjoy playing many outdoor games. Golf, Cricket, Football, tennis, and other games can be played with ease now. There are many clubs and stadiums built in various parts of Delhi so that the residents of each area can avail themselves of these facilities. There is no dearth of entertainment in Delhi. There are cinema halls and theatres where plays can be performed.

There are various restaurants where one can enjoy the cuisine of different parts of the country. There are many street hawkers who sell food that is inexpensive and delicious. The best thing about Delhi is that it is cosmopolitan. People from all over the country live in Delhi and one learns about the lives and cultures of various people and states.

Schools in Delhi are progressive and advanced. They are competitive and the effort is always to improve their standards. I have often left Delhi for a month as so during my holidays. But I like my own city the most because my friends live there. I have an attachment with the shopping complexes in Delhi. Just walking down Janpath in Rajiv Place is enough to brighten up my day.

It is interesting to watch the faces that go by. One makes new friends and acquaintances at every stage of one’s life in Delhi. There are conferences and delegations from all over the world thus giving us a chance to learn about the affairs of the foreign countries. In short, my city is the most “alive” city and I love it with all my heart.


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