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Sample Paper of Accountancy 2014 for class 12, CBSE.

Sample Paper – 2014 Class – XII Subject – Accountancy    MEANING OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT Financial statement are the summarized statement of the accounting data produced at the end of the accounting process by an enterprises through which it communicates the accounting information to the internal & external users. “Financial statement is prepared for the purpose for presenting a periodical review or report on progress mode by management band deal with the...
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Sample Paper Accountancy Part A (PARTNERSHIP & COMPANY ACCOUNTS) for class 12, CBSE.

Sample Paper Class XII Subject- Accountancy PART  A (PARTNERSHIP & COMPANY ACCOUNTS)   Q1. What is the nature of Receipts & Payments Account?                                                                (1) Q2. A and B are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 2:1.  C is admitted for 1/4th share. Calculate new and sacrificing ratio.                                                                                                             (1) Q3. Name the two items that would appear in credit side of Partner’s Capital account when capitals are fixed.                                                                                                                                      (1) Q4. How...
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