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Solved Precis Exercise “Love of the World and Life” 236 Words Precis for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Exam.

I am quite aware that it is riot the highest type of man who has moderate ambitions. The really great man is immoderate in his claims upon life: but that is because he is conscious of his power to give to life in return of incomparable services. His mind works upon a different plane from mine. His conceptions of life are lofty and incalculable. He may be serene; as Shakespeare must have been serene; but he dwells apart, rapt in the inscrutable majesty of power. My own lot in life is less exalted. I have wanted only to understand human nature. I have not wanted to improve it, or to change the face of the world. There are such idealists, men as far above their fellows as spirit is above animalism.

They are bringers of glad tidings to the suffering, the creators of a new era. They are men of destiny. I admire, I revere them, but my impulses lie more upon the surface. I cannot too strongly emphasize the fact that I am agnostic even as regards the destiny of mankind. The stars fascinate and bewilder me; the beauty of the earth is a mystery to my heart. I love the earth and great many of those who dwell upon it; but I have never experienced my revelation, and I remain merely a marveling student of the wonder of the universe and of life itself.

(Words: 236)

Word-meaning: serene-peaceful, calm; reverence-respect; agnostic-one who neither believes nor disbelieves in the existence of god; fascinate-charm, attract.


A really great man demands much of life, but he returns much more than he takes. He has high ideals, and is calm with a mysterious, majestic sequestration. He is a man of destiny who relieves human suffering and creates a new era. The author does not claim any quality of a great man. He just wants to understand human nature. He is an agnostic and man of the world who loves the beauty and wonder of the world and life.

Words in the given Passage= 235

Words in the Precis = 80

Title: Love of the World and Life.


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