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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Struggle between Communism and Non-Communism” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Higher classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

There have been three kinds of ignorance. There is the ignorance of the stupid who are stupid because they do not know. There is the ignorance of the clever who select what they should know and so miss the truth. There is yet a third kind of ignorance which believes that the truth has been found’ and requires no further effort to know. The large mass of people belong to the second category for men are vain by nature and to adopt an eclectic philosophy is perhaps the easiest, most rewarding and comfortable thing to do. The great issue of today, communism, together with the various standpoints in relations to it proves this largely. The main fact of the day is that there is no real issue between communism and the non-communist way. Freedom? What is a freedom conditional by mass media and conformist doctrines worth? For every man inside the communist system who struggles for democracy there is one in the “free world” who cannot exercise his democracy. They are not only the Negroes of America but also the many millions who have been too much under the thumb of a few to have a different point of view from the boss. Economic betterment is the professed end of all systems. Narrowed down then, the Communist vs. Free World struggle, is a sham battle conducted by party hacks too tired and worn out in the old groove to do any new thinking and the tired politicians and journalists who cannot exist without some shabby “cause”. About the only people who know that the major issue of our time is a fraud arc businessmen who preach free enterprise and call for increased trade with communist countries, and men like Gomulka who preach communism and in practice go back to a kind of capitalism. All these people know the truth that the great moral controversies which were originally posed by Marx and Hothouse or by the Bertrand Russell (of a decade ago) are non-existent. Mr. Arnold Toynbee is quite right. The grim, gravy, despairing tattles of today will make very little sense to people five hundred years just as the wrecking endless religious wars of the Midc’e ages make to us. The truth is that there is no more truth, at least certainly in the realms of political science. Between Mississippi college students who shouted in a remarkable show of unity that “Nigger bastards should be killed” and those young communists who described the late Boris Pasternak as “a pig fouling its sty,” there is a remarkable similarity is these gentlemen who shall shortly inherit the earth for their generation will be in tits thirties in a decade. “Mankind moves or. ‘ said Goethe, “but remains the same”. And if political systems cannot change human nature, the ground is cut under the feet of both communism and its highly publicised antithesis. If 200 years of rubbing in the words of the United States Constitution that man is free and equal is yet to overcome racial bigotry ar. i madness, what hope does the free world hold out? If Marx’s grand words about a classless society where all men are brothers cannot bring self-respect and an individual sense of righteousness, what matters today’s bogus political battles?

Man’s political, economic, and social revolutions are not matched with a moral revolution that can prevent his material prosperity from degeneration into smugness. He can only wallow in the mire of his wealth, in the filth of debase words and cliches he has coined for an era that is gone.


Struggle between Communism and Non-Communism

Ignorance of man originates in three ways. One because of lack of knowledge, the second because of selecting knowledge to satisfy one’s vanity thereby, missing the crux of the matter, and the third because of complacency that knowledge has reached its perfection. Most of the people belong to the second category and the illusory struggle between communism and non-communism attests to this kind of ignorance. The controversy between the two is non-existent because both aim at the economic welfare of man: and in communism one fights for freedom whereas in non-communism one does not exercise freedom. And there is no moral issue involved in this conflict. The imaginary struggle is exploited by the party managers. But the capitalist businessmen know the truth, for they advocate trade with communist countries: and a few communist leaders, while professing communism actually introduce capitalism. Such being the struggle, we are bound to be laughed at by posterity. America, even after 200 years, has been unable to prevent racial discrimination; and despite Marx’s noble words, the communist still struggles for individual self-respect. Therefore, we are in need of a revaluation of our moral standards to go well without political, economic and socialist revolutions of today.


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