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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Relaxing in Bed” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Higher classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

It is amazing how few people are aware of the value of solitude and contemplation. The art of living in bed means more than physical rest for you. After you have gone through a strenuous day and complete relaxation; after all the people you have met and interviewed, all the friends, who have tried to crack silly jokes, and all your brothers and sisters who have tried to rectify your behaviour and sponsor you into heaven, have thoroughly got on your nerves, it is all that I admit. But it is something more, if properly cultivated. It should mean a mental house-cleaning. Actually, many businessmen who pride themselves on rushing about in the morning and afternoon and keeping three desk telephones busy all the time on their desk, never realized that they could make twice the amount of money if they could give themselves an hour’s solitude awake in bed at one O’clock in the morning, or even at seven. What does it matter even if one stays in bed till 8 O’clock, a thousand times better that he should provide himself with a good tin of cigarettes on his bedside table and take plenty of time to go up from bed and solve all his problems of the day before he brushes his teeth. There, comfortably stretched or curled up in his pyjamas, free from the irksome woollen underwear or the irritating belt or suspenders and suffocating collar and heavy leather boots, when his toes are emancipated and have recovered the freedom which they inevitably lose in the day time, the real business ileac; can think, for only when one’s toes are free in his slippers, and only when one’s head is free, is real thinking possible. Thus, in that comfortable position, he can ponder over his achievement and mistakes of yesterday and single out the important from the trivial in the day’s programme ahead of him. Better that he arrive at ten O’clock in his office, master of himself, than that he should come punctually at nine or even a quarter before to watch over his subordinates like a slave-driver and “then hustle about nothing’ as the Chinese say.


Relaxing in Bed

Only a few people know the value of relaxation. The art of resting in bed is good for both mind and body. After going through the humdrum of daily routine, one is totally exhausted. A businessman can earn more profit, if he relaxes in bed for an hour or so in the morning. It is only when a person rests before he is dressed, that he can think over things. Then he can turn over in his mind the success and the failure of yesterday, and distinguish between the primary and the secondary in today’s ‘work. Thus, it is desirable that one should go to office in time, mentally agile and alert, rather than go before time and harass his subordinates.


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