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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Meaningless Criteria for Judging Man” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

There is no end to attempts to size up man and put him in a little bottle with a neat lable as if he were a butterfly or something. Clothes it is said, and manners, make the man; he is judged by the company he keeps, the books he borrows, the food he shows a preference to eat, the consumer goods he hopes to buy, the games he plays or watches, and so on. His cultural background, his intellectual equipment and the general state of his health are sometimes assessed by the way his shoes (if he wears shoes) shine, the confidence echoing from the steps he takes on polished corridors and even by the way he combs his hair (if he isn’t too bald to do that). With so many indices already available one would think it needless to look for any more; but now, a pen-seller who is also a sort of calligraphic; has come up with the amazing statement that the type of nib he uses in his pen marks him out as a potential hero or a worthless failure. Each individual, he says, must use the right nib to reduce the frustrations of life and to promote happiness. The common fellow is careless about the nib in his pen and thinks that writing is not very important, and often: ether boring that is why he. Stays so common right at the bottom of the pit. To get to the higher reaches of success he must make a special study of the way the pen is held, the degree of twist given to each letter he scribbles and the pressure of hand on paper. All this, if true, will only complicate life unnecessarily, especially if the average man plumps for lead pencils or ballpoint pens or else, desperately, goes back to the innocent quill or forward to the electric typewriter or the dictating machine. It’s all pointless.


Title:- Meaningless Criteria for Judging Man

Innumerable are the inept generalization freely offered on the nature of man. The dress one wears, the manners that one shows and others, are regarded as pointers to the character of a man. Even trivial aspects are taken as the criteria for judging a man. Adding insult to injury, recently a pen seller came out with the statement that the nib of a pen gave out the personality of the owner. He further stated that the right nib promoted happiness and vice versa: and the right nib was the open-sesame for success. If this argument is true, it will only lead to confusion. It is utterly meaningless.


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