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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Man’s interest in sea exploration” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Fully Solved Precis Exercise

There is no doubt that people are growing more and more interested in the seas, and that there is a great need for that interest. Men have long tried to probe the secrets of the oceans to gain knowledge for its own sake, but there are other practical reasons for doing so. The sea can provide us with many things that we need in everyday life. Future generations will probably draw more on the seas for their food, and not only food in the form of fish. Minerals necessary for modern industries are there also, when we can find out how to extract them.

We have explored and mapped most of the land, and we are quickly exploring the air. The seas present a greater difficulty because we cannot yet, and probably never shall be able to set foot on the deep ocean floor.

The aim of the extensive oceangoing expeditions, and of the marine biological stations around the coasts, and even of those who simply study the shore uncovered by the tide, is to build up our knowledge of this vast and unfamiliar world beneath the waves. in some cases the knowledge gained can be put to practical use, but much of it is for interest only.

For the very early mariners, interest lay in the currents, and especially those at the surface, that carried their ships along. They were also interested in the weather over the sea. Yet, even these hard—bitten seamen were not immune from a curiosity about the animals and plants that lived below the waves. Their first impulse may have been to seek trade overseas, or to fish for food, but over and above this anything strange or beautiful, whether brought up in their nets or cast ashore by the tides, caused them to wonder. So, from the earliest time, the pursuit of the practical every day things went on side by side with the inquiry that springs from a desire to know more. Bit by bit grew the knowledge of the physical features of the seas, of such things as currents, waves, and winds, as well as of the biology, the knowledge of animals and plants.

Aids to Vocabulary

  1. Probe-find out, explore
  2. Extract – derive them, set them
  3. Expedition — journey
  4. Beneath – below
  5. Immune – to have no effect
  6. Impulse – feeling, emotion

Points for Precis Writing

  1. The interest of the people in seas is increasing and it is healthy and useful sign.
  2. Future generations are likely to draw more of their food from seas.
  3. Exploration of seas is a difficult job.
  4. The aim of all exploration is to know the world beneath the waves.
  5. Even the earliest marines had interest in exploring the seas for the sake of knowledge.


The interest of the people in the exploration of the seas has been on the increase and it is a healthy sign. Future generations are to depend far more on the seas for their food. Man has been able to map the entire land, but seas offer difficult prospects. The aim of all adventure has always been to know about the world. Some knowledge thus gained may have practical utility, but most of it is for the sake of interest. Even he earliest mariners, though their primary interest was finding of the trade routes, had the curiosity to study the animals and plants that lived below the waves. This curiosity of course helped them in gaining knowledge.

Suggested Title:-

Man’s interest in sea exploration.


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