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Solved English Precis exercise on “Two folds Aspect of Science” 150 Words Precis for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Solved Precis exercise on “Two folds Aspect of Science”

The history of civilization shows how man always has to choose between the right and wrong use of discoveries of science. This has never been truer than in our own age. In a brief period, amazing discoveries have been made and applied to practical purposes. It would be ungrateful not to recognize how immense have been the boons of science. It has brought within the reach of multitudes, benefits, and advantages which only a short time ago were the privileges of the few. It has shown how hunger, malnutrition, and disease can be overcome. It has not only lengthened life but it has deepened its quality. Fields of knowledge, experience, recreation open in the past only to a few have now been thrown open to the millions. Through the work of science, the ordinary man today has been given the opportunity of a longer and fuller life. Most thankfully we must acknowledge all that science has done and is doing for the welfare of our race.

But the gift of modern science can be misused. The motor-driven vehicle facilitates business and gives harmless enjoyment to many, but they can strew the roads with dead and dying. The Cinema is a means of instruction and recreation opening ‘magic casements, but it is often a channel of vulgarity and false values. The wireless can link the world together in a moment, but it can also be the instrument of lying propaganda. The airplane makes travel rapid and easy, but it can also become a weapon of destruction. It is this twofold aspect of the use to which science can be put that has raised in an acute form the question as to how far it is morally justifiable to make and perfect scientific discoveries and inventions


Solved Precis.


Title – Two folds Aspect of Science

In the field of science, amazing discoveries have been achieved and consequently, it has given a new dimension to human life, provided such knowledge and experience are used for ideal purposes. However, modern discoveries of science can be misused for harmful purposes too. Thus, it has two-fold aspects, although its morally justifiable use can be sought.


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