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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 10 Minutes Test 16

16Mr. Chairman, I rise to welcome the Bill. It is timely and I am happy to see

That the govt. has moved in the direction of undoing serious, undemocratic public wrongs that had been done as a result of the amendment of the commissions of inquiry act in the year 1986. Even at that time, I had spoken in the same vein striking a note of caution.

            The commissions of inquiry act was enacted, I believe, in the year 1952. At that time, there was no provision in the Act making it imperative or compulsory on behalf of the govt. to place on the table of the House the report of any commissions of Inquiry. As a result, there were several complaints that reports of very important commissions of Public Inquiry never found the light of the day. The Law commission went into this question; and in one of its reports, even the law commissions suggested that when a commissions then within a period of six months, the report must be laid on the table of the house. On the basis of this recommendation of the law commission, the commissions of inquiry act was amended in the year 1971, and it was provided that the reports of the commissions of inquiry must necessarily come before this house. However, it was unfortunate that in their this house. Through an ordinance, the Act was amended, I need not go into the circumstances of this ordinance; that Ordinance was promulgated just 4 or 5 or a few days after the House was adjourned in July 1986 for so. But then that amendment to the commissions of inquiry act gave arbitrary powers to the govt. of India to decided whether or not to place the reports on the table of the house. There were no inbuilt safeguards also. At that time, I pleaded into his House that even if you wish to take those powers which you should not take then, for the sake of god, at least have some inbuilt safeguards. I had also moved at that time certain 161amendments to the Bill. However, for treason best known of the entire negation, the Amendment bill at that time was opposed; and as a result of that, an attempt was made to suppress the Thakkar commission Report. I do not want to go into the details of this history but then there was a pressure from the peoples a result of which the Thakkar commission report away laid on the table of the house now I want the govt. to ponder over one aspect of the whole thing. The report must be laid on the gable of the house. But what constitutes a report the table of the house. But what creates a lot of problems. So, what constituted the report of the Thakkar Commission we had so much of discussion here in this House, and there was even a ruling by the speaker as to what constitute a report. Many of those who were at that time on the Treasury Benches. They had argued at that particular time that what was being placed on the Table of the House of the report as the Thakkar commission report was not a complete report.

Now Mr. Chairman, Sir, in addition I must say that it was a serious public and democratic wrong go have said that once a commission of inquiry is appointed its report may or may not be placed on the Table of the House. Mr. Chairman, Sir, a commission of Inquiry is not a mere fact finding body I had been listening to several members with rapt attention.


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