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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “ Economic Progress ” , Test 10 Minutes with 10 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 07


I have dealt with, what is called, the economics of freedom. Now, take four instance, the Communist world. There 7they /  make up for the loneliness and insecurity with their collective working and wages according to work. Then the spy system /  and mutual watchfulness is there.  The sense of insecurity, therefore, exists there. A man would not be allowed to live unless /  he is willing to work hard. This is an essential condition of any economic development.  The individual, perforce, shall have /  to work. In India this condition does not exist.

                What have we taken to ?   We have taken to democratic planning. (100) The first essential for success in a democratic planning is a great leadership. Nowhere in the world can democratic planning / succeed unless the leadership not only commands the allegiance of the people but also has a coercive force to make /  the people work hard. Whatever be the resources or the machinery unless the people are made to work hard, better /  and more intelligently, it is impossible for any plan to succeed. A plan cannot succeed on paper.  A plan cannot /  succeed simply by making commissions produce fine reports. A plan succeeds in the field, in the factory. The honourable Prime (2000 Minister has been pleased to say that the expectation of age has increase from 24 years to 47.5 years. I / would have very much liked him to say as to what is the capacity of work that has increased. Where / does the individual labored stand today in comparison to where he stood in 1951?  Has his capacity to work increased?  Has his intelligence increased?  Has his produce been more and better?  The simple fundamental question today is:  Is the labourer / willing to work harder and better tomorrow than he did yesterday? If he is not, your plan. Cannot succeed. (300) If he is, the Plan succeeds.


                The second question with regard to planned economy is the question to bring about / savings. In an independent economy people make a lot of profits  and they cannot consume those profits; so they / save for further investment. In a planned economy private entrepreneurs cannot make much profits. Therefore, investment has to be secured / by taxation. Again, the willingness of the people comes in. How are the people to be taxed? Pollution increases / by over 2.5 per cent and this is not a good sign. In order to keep the same standard of (400) living, five times the percentage of  population of the national income must be reinvested. In order to keep the same / standard of living, at least 11 per cent of the national income must be invested again. If the standard / of living is the same, this standard of living is no good because it has not increased the capacity of the labourer for better production and for more intelligent production. As the honourable Prime Minister had been pleased to say / only the expectation of age has increased. The fundamental prerequisite of any economic progress is the capacity of the labourer (500) to work harder to produce more and better. So, it has not been proved that Indian labour has been able / to work harder to produce better and more. In order that it is possible, at least 5 times the population / percentage investment is necessary. Taking this standard, our investment must be more than 14 per cent.

Where should the money / comes from? It can come from taxation. The unfortunate thing is that our society has not taken a very serious/ view of tax avoidance. Tax evasion is penal, but tax avoidance cannot be penalized by law. But it can be (600) looked down upon contemptuously by society. Unfortunately it is not done. The problem today is that once a citizen, a respected citizen-because those who pay taxes are certainly respectable citizens-once a respectable citizen tries to avoid paying/ taxes, he resorts to means which are criminal, in intent, if not in action. Once a man takes to criminal/ intent, it is not a long way for a man to be privy to murder. He cannot be caught because/ murder is planned beyond the seven doors. All over the world the most serious criminal of the modem world is (700) the tax avoiding animal. It is a beginning in India. If you look to the crimes, any lawyer who is / working on the criminal side can know that most heinous crimes are not planned by ordinary robbers or thieves but by big people. If you know how things are planned, the story would be very interesting. So the first thing / is to create an atmosphere in which taxpaying should be considered a sacred duty and tax avoidance should be looked down upon as a social sin. It is necessary to develop a structure, that should encourage people to work (800) harder and better.


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