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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “Debate on Govt. Agencies ” , Test 10 Minutes with 10 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 03




I think, sir, that apart from a National Health Policy, dic 2 which I would welcome of course, there are so many / other factors on which the whole question of population control depends. My Point is that I would have expected Hon’ble president / to give the highest priority to this problem which has now reached a dimension where everybody whether in the Government / or in the Opposition should be distressed and worried about as to the further of our country.

Development in our / country and how we are going to cater to the needs of these millions of people whose numbers are growing (100) all the time, is a question which I think baffles everybody at the movement. We are sometimes getting round by / saying that we do not want to go deep into this problem because of the emotions or the kind of / sentiments which are aroused by it. Sir, I humbly say that this is no way of dealing with this problem / now. Otherwise, in a few years from now, our country will be facing an insoluble crises because of this growth / of population. I would therefore like the Government, if it has any further idea on the subject apart from talking (200) of stablisation of population, to take the house into confidence and tell us something more about how they propose in / this national health programme which they are considering to deal with this problem which has really reached gigantic proportion. The / second apprehension I have got, Sir, is regarding the role of the Government in the Kargil war. How our jawans, / our officers And our armed forces gave their lives, shed their blood in order to defend our soil and how / they have written a glory of fate in human heroism, is all known to everybody. So, everybody naturally has paid (300) tributes to them. There is no question about it. This is something of which everybody in this country is proud / of. But I must raise one point and

that is, how are these young men of our armed forces exposed / to this danger to their lives and their safety. When the Government took a stand that they had not been / aware, they had not knowledge, they were not conscious of the fact that there had been large scale incursion / into our territory by armed people from Pakistan who included not only the regular Pakistani Army but also so-called (400) Mujahideens who were mercenaries recruited from different countries.


and who were put up in front of the regular Pakistani Army / in order to show that they were fighting some kind of liberation war, there were two options, if I may / say so, before the Government. If the Government is speaking the truth when it says it has no knowledge, at / least, for several days they has no knowledge of the fact that there had been this incursion by several thousand / people across our border in the Kargil, area; if that is one option that really they had no knowledge, no (500) information, if that is a fact, then it can be established. Then, of course, our Intelligence Agencies, of whom we / have got many, not only one but we have many, will be held to be culpable. We have RAW; we / have got the Military Intelligence; we have got the IB; and we have got so many Intelligence agencies. They will / be held to account if it is a fact that for several days, the Government really had no information, no / knowledge of the fact that this incursion had taken place where those people were supposed to have entered up to (600) a distance of about 12 to 15 kilometers inside the Line of Control, on our side of the border and / no information was available to the Government. Then, what were our intelligent agencies doing? Naturally, every citizen in this country / has got this question in mind. Subsequently, so many newspapers, so many magazines and so many other documents have raised / this question because everybody wanted to know what was the truth. On the other hand-that is the other option / – if it is established that they did not know, it is not as if they did not know, at least (700) they had been forewarned that such an incursion by Pakistan was going to take place and, therefore, it was all / the more necessary to be more vigilant and to guard our border in the Kargil area in such a way / that it is not possible to be taken by surprise. If such indication or information was forthcoming from those intelligent / agencies, then what was the Government doing? In these options either the intelligent agencies have failed, which gives the credit / to the Government, the balance of the credit goes to the government that they did not know, they were kept (800) in the dark and on the other hand if it is established that many of these intelligence agencies had sent / warnings to the Government and those warnings had been ignored, then what is the character of the Government and what / is the nature of the Government’s role in this whole affair?


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