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Short Story ”Thirsty Crow” Complete Story for Class 10, Class 12 and other classes.

Thirsty Crow

It was a hot summer day. A crow felt very thirsty. He flew here and there in search of water. He could not find water anywhere.

As he was flying over a park, he saw a jug with little water in it. The water in the jug was so low that its beak could not  touch it.  He was a  clever crow.

He picked up small pieces of stones and put them in a  pitcher. The level of the water started rising. He continued putting pieces of stones in the jug when he saw that water level had risen high up. He drank the water  and flew away.

Moral:  where there is a will, there is a way  or intelligence pays. 


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    So clever crow 🤗😙🤩.

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    I like this short story…!!😊🌚

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