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Short Story ”The Hidden Treasure” Complete Story for Class 10, Class 12 and other classes.

The Hidden Treasure

Once there lived an old farmer. He had three sons. The farmer worked on his farm. He asked his sons to work too. But they were very lazy. He wanted to teach them the value of hard work. But the lazy.  Sons did not care for his advice.

After some time the farmer fell ill and thought that his end was near. He called his sons and said that he wanted to disclose a secret. And the secret is that he had buried his treasure on the farm. He told them to dig the place after his death.

Soon after the death of their father, they went to the field. They dug it from end to end. But they could not find the treasure. They became sad.

In the meantime, an old passed that way. He knew what their father meant. He advised them to sow seeds on the farm.  They obeyed him. After some time, they had a very good crop. They sold the crop and found enough money. They became rich. Thus they learned the value of hard work.

Moral: no pain, no gain. Or the fruit of hard work is sweeter than any gift.


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