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Short Story ” The Hare and The Lion” Complete Story for Class 10, Class 12 and other classes.

Story No. 01

The Hare and The Lion

 Once there live a lion in the forest. He was the king of the animals. He killed many animals everyday. The animals were in terror. They lived in the constant fear of being killed.

Once the animals held a meeting. The hare stood up. He was very wise. He told a plan. Other animals laughed at it. They said, “I what can a small animals like you do?”the hare replied “I will use trick and not strength to do this work.” As there was no other alternation, they agreed.

They hare went to the lion. He told him that there was another lion in the forest that wanted to kill him. The lion look it as challenge to his authority. He told him to show other lion. The hare took him to a deep well. The lion looked into the well and saw his image in the water considering it to another lion. He jumped into it and died.  

Moral: brain is mightier than sword


Brain and not brawn can be of greater help.


Story No. 02


The Hare and The Lion

A lion was getting fed up of hunting. He called all animals and passed an order, “Everyday one of you should come by yourself as my prey”. All animals started to obey this order.

It was the hare’s day. The hare was very sad. As he was going to the lion’s den, he came across an old well. He looked into it. It was very deep and dangerous. He made a plan to his mind.

The lion was very angry that no animal had come that day. The hare slowly came towards the lion. The lion roared “Why are you late?” The hare humbly replied, “Oh my way another lion chased me. I got away with much difficulty to give my life to you, Your Majesty”.

The lion was pleased with the hare. But the thought of another lion in the jungle made him angry. The lion roared “Do you know where he lives?” The hare replied “Yes, Sir. Please come with me”.

The hare took the lion to the old well. He said “Sir, that lion lives in this well”. The lion peeped into the well. He mistook his reflection for another lion. He roared and there was an echo. He thought that the other lion was roaring too and jumped into the well. That was the end of the lion.

MORAL : Wisdom can win might.


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