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Short Story ” The Fox and the grapes” Complete Story for Class 10, Class 12 and other classes.


The Fox and the grapes

Once a fox was very hungry. He was roaming about in search of food. It reached a garden. Some branches of ripe grapes were hanging down a vine. The mouth of the fox watered to eat them.

But the garden wall was very low. It jumped over the garden wall to reach the branches of grapes. He could not reach them. He jumped again and again but failed to get at them. He was completely tired. He realized that it was impossible for it to reach the grapes. He went away saying, ”they are sour and not good to eat. I eat them, I shall fall ill.”

Moral: The grapes are sour if they are not within reach


Never try to overreach yourself.  



Story No. 02


The Fox and The Grapes!

Once, a fox was very hungry.

He searched for food.

At last, he saw a bunch of grapes hanging from a grapevine.

His mouth started watering.

He wanted to eat the grapes.

So, he jumped and jumped, but in vain.

But he could not reach the grapes.

So, the fox went away saying,

“Those grapes are sour.!”


Story No. 03

The Fox and The Grapes

Fox one day spied a beautiful bunch of ripe grapes hanging from a vine twined along the branches of a tree. The grapes seemed ready to burst with juice and Fox’s mouth watered as he gazed longingly at them.

The bunch hung from a high branch and the Fox had to jump for it. The first time he jumped he missed it by a long way. So he walked off a short distance and took a running leap at it, only to fall short once more. Again and again, he tried but in vain.

Now he sat down and looked at the grapes in disgust.

“What a fool I am,” he said. “Here I am wearing myself out to get a bunch of sour grapes that are not worth gaping for.”

And off he walked very, very scornfully.

There are many who pretend to despise and belittle that which is beyond their reach.


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