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Science Project on “Using the Senses”, Project Topic on Human Beings, Animals Plants for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

Using the Senses

Materials Required:

  1. Four small butter or margarine containers with lids
  2. An orange, an apple, a grapefruit and a banana
  3. Pencil and paper
  4. A friend or parent

Our five senses namely sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing help us determine our environment. We can study them in detail, with the help of a friend. After peeling off a portion from each fruit, place them separately in the containers. You can now blindfold your friend and make him identify them by using one sense at a time. Mark the containers as 1, 2, 3, and 4. Make. a note of the numbers and fruit peel, inside every container. Put them in a row on the table and write down every time your friend singles them out

Hearing: Ask your friend to pick up each container and shake it. Does the sound disclose anything about the peels? What does the test subject tell you about each container?

Smell: One after the other, have your friend open the containers and smell the contents. What does he tell you?

Touch: Now for the next test, ask your friend to reach into the containers and verify the fruit peels by touching them. Make a note of what he says.

Taste: Your friend will now taste each of the peel and tell you what fruit it is from.

Sight: Remove the blindfold and have him look at the peels and identify what they are.

Carry out this activity with other friends as well. How many of them will guess correctly. Make a note of which sense works the best for it and which doesn’t. You can also use different objects for the same test, for example odours and liquids. Can you identify coins by touching them? Use other things in the test. Try smelling different odours, tasting different liquids. Can you feel the difference between coins?


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