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Science Project on “Energy in Motion”, Project Experiment Topics on Flight, Motion & Friction for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

Energy in Motion

Materials Required:

  1. Marbles
  2. Two rulers
  3. Two books
  4. A rug
  5. A piece of paper

When objects are in motion, they possess a kind of energy in them, which is termed as Kinetic Energy.

Since all kinds of energy are transferable, similarly, when a moving object touches another object, then the Kinetic Energy is transferred from the first object to the second.

For this experiment, take a rug and place two rulers on it in such a manner, that they lie next to each other, with a small gap between the two of them.

In the gap, put in your marbles, one after the other. Note that the rulers should be so placed that the marbles do not touch the floor, but rest on the ruler.

On one side of the ruler, make a ramp with an open book and prop it up to some elevation with the help of some other books:

Now place a marble on the ramp and roll it down. The force of gravity will provide the marble with the desired Kinetic energy.

After hitting the first marble, this Kinetic energy will be transferred from the rolling marble to the first one and this process will go on, till the last marble is pushed out of its resting position.

The last marble will keep rolling and will stop only, due to the friction caused by the rug.

To check out on the variations of the force of this Kinetic energy, keep removing some marbles from the chain and repeat the same process.

Record whether the last marble rolls to the same distance; as it did in the previous attempts.

Slower and Slower

Riding a bicycle downhill is very exciting but riding it uphill is very difficult. This is because the force of gravity has to be overcome while going uphill. The gravitational pull is a force that is pulling you backwards towards the bottom of the hill. If you pedal slowly, the bicycle will lose speed and you find yourself going slower and slower. It takes a lot of energy to overcome the force of gravity pulling you downhill. If you are unable to pedal hard in order to overcome the force of gravity, the opposing force will not allow you to go ahead. Eventually if you do not apply the brakes, you may slide backwards and that too downhill.

A force which acts in an opposite direction to the direction of the motion, will cause a decrease in speed. Deceleration is the term given to loss of speed. When a car has to change gears, from a higher to a lower gear, it may be necessary to go slower and for this it has to decelerate. To stop quickly a strong force can be produced by powerful brakes in order to counter the forward motion and stop the car.


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