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Role of Opposition in India | Social Issue Essay, Article, Paragraph for Class 12, Graduation and Competitive Examination.

Role of Opposition in India

Scheme of the Essay

Exposition: Political opposition does not mean rivalry or hostility.

Rising Actions: The democratic government must work for the welfare of the people.


(1) The people in power guided by lust for power often encroach upon the rights of the people.

(2) Opposition keeps the government on its toes.

(3) Opposition educates the masses.

(4) People can choose an ideology.

(5) In some countries opposition is given constitutional recognition.

Falling Action: In India, opposition is all the more necessary.

Ending: The negative role of the opposition should be checked.

Political opposition does not mean simple criticism of the people in power. The opposition party is expected to give a healthy, constructive, and well-directed criticism. By constructive criticism, we mean criticism which is not meant to pull down the people in power. Healthy criticism stands for a criticism based upon moral principles and basic values of life. The opposition party is primarily meant to help the public in assessing the work of the people in power.

A democratic form of Government is supposed to work for the welfare of the people. But generally, it starts working against the people because it is guided more by the lust for power than by the sincere desire to ameliorate the living conditions of the people. As the government becomes more powerful the rights of the people are encroached upon. Consequently, the institution of democracy degenerates. It is the opposition that pinpoints lapses as well as the weakness of the people who constitute the Government. Under such circumstances it is necessary for the opposition party to point out to the public that the Government is not working in the larger interests of the country. The image of the people in power is tarnished and they become unpopular with the masses. The fear of losing support of the people makes them to correct themselves.

Opposition helps in making the people politically educated. The party in power will always try to praise their own policies and a common man may live under illusions. On the other hand, opposition party will try to bring political awakening among the people. They will be able to evaluate the situation correctly. Moreover, when different policies are given by different political parties there is a choice for the people to make. This helps them to think and organise their thoughts properly. Opposition party also takes up the momentary issues and awakens the people to the realities of the situation. Political culture is as important for a country as the political institution itself and opposition helps in injecting this political culture.

Opposition serves as an alternative to the government. A common man does not want to depart from the beaten track. He would like to have the same old things because they think that the persons and ideas which have stood the test of time will live for all times to come. That is why they generally become hero worshippers and start feeling that the fall of government would mean a great danger to the nation. If there is a strong opposition the nation will not depend upon the ruling party only. They will develop a healthy outlook and people would be able to organize themselves politically in a better manner.

In some of the country’s opposition is given constitutional recognition. In other countries opposition is completely wiped out. Where there is no opposition authoritarianism becomes strong. Whereas the countries in which opposition is recognized democracy will survive. Political parties give proper direction to the efforts of the people and as such they can work for the welfare of the democratic society as a whole.

In a country like India, opposition is all the more necessary. The people in power become almost gods upon earth. As such they are worshipped as super-human beings. The opposition will awaken the people to realities. Moreover, the people in power exploit the ignorance of others and so they try to become more and more powerful. Opposition puts a check upon them. Opposition is necessary for the consolidation of democracy and the maintenance of democracy. Sometimes it plays a negative role and undermines and stability. This should be checked as far as it is possible.


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